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You're Only Making it Worse

Taken from the January/February 2020 digital edition of CARS Magazine (with permission).

Some crazy DIY projects from the growing collection of Eye Spy photos.

Les Dobos Car Repair NE Calgary

Glenn Porter, from LeakPro in London Ont., snapped a few pictures of the floor of this Dodge Caliber.  The owner was concerned about a water leak. Apparently, whoever installed the sound system removed the AC drain tube in order to run speaker wiring through the grommet in the floor.No wonder the floor was always wet!

“This is one’s gotta be spy worthy!” says Sean of Conroy’s Collision in Whitemouth, Man.  Thee vehicle came for a new bumper. Yes, that step is tied to the seat mount bracket.  The back of it was also bungeed in place.  Thee owner didn’t offer one word of explanation.

Les Dobos Car Repair NE Calgary

Adam Kraemer from OK tire in Kincardine, Ont. sent in a pic of this DIY brake job that one of his techs discovered. The customer came in complaining of a brake noise.  The brake pad on the inboard side was put in with the friction material to the outside, instead of on the brake rotor.  The backing plate on the set of brake pads, badly gouged the rotor and he needed to have the whole brake job re-done!

The driver of this Chevy Cavalier proudly showed o his home-made driver’s door latch. The leather strap and carriage-bolt contraption was actually an upgrade from an earlier gate latch welded to the door frame, says Doug Gritner, of Doug’s Repair in Alexis Creek, B.C.