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Wheel Alignment

Brake Service and Repair

Wheel alignment is an important priority for your vehicle. Being out of alignment can cause pre-mature tire, suspension and steering component wear.

In the extreme, drivability can also be adversely impacted by misalignment and compromise the safety of your vehicle, by leading to excessive tire wear, increased braking distances and steering control problems.

Our technicians, here at Les Dobos Auto Centre in North East Calgary, can make sure that your vehicle is fit for the road.

It is recommended to get your alignment checked every 6 months or yearly. It is also recommended after the installation of new tires.

Signs That Show That You Need Wheel Alignment

  • Your vehicle is pulling to one side.
  • Your steering wheel is not straight
  • You notice that your tires are wearing abnormally
  • You can feel a vibration in your steering wheel
  • If your vehicle has hit a large pothole or any other obstacle it may have been affected