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Tires Wheels Sales and Service

Tires Wheels Sales & Service

Tire Repair

Bring in your tires to the Les Dobos Auto Centre in Calgary to have one of our experienced technicians repair your tires.

We offer exceptional Calgary Tire Repair service and also offer a while-you-wait tire repair service. We have all the equipment and technicians to accurately diagnose and repair all tire related problems.

With the harshness of our winters in Calgary, we always recommend that customers have a set of winter tires to put on.

When you need to prepare for the new season we will service your vehicle with our seasonal maintenance package and swap your tires for free!

Trust the experts a for all of your tire related needs.

4 Signs of Tire Wear

Tears in the Tread

The tread is the rubber part of the tire that gets the lion’s share of wear and tear. If there’s a tear in the tread or it looks like it’s pulling away from the casing, the tire needs to be replaced. A pulled nail can cause a tire to lose air.

Tread-Wear Indicators

Car tire wear indicators appear when rubber has been worn down to a certain amount. If there are two or three indicators on a tire, it needs to be replaced. Measure the distance from the base of the tread to the surface of the tire with a ruler.

Weird Noises

Sometimes a driver will hear whining, thumping or other noises they know aren’t correct from one of their tires. This is a sign of either poor alignment or tires that are very worn out. Now is the time to either get the tires aligned or to buy new ones.

Tread Wear Patterns

Underinflation, over-inflation or poor alignment can cause a tire to leak. If the wear on the treads indicates that the tire is underinflated, it’s time to check it.