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Driver Capital

No Credit Check Financing

for service, accessories, rims and tires

Driver Capital - Les Dobos Auto Centre

How Much Can I Borrow?

Use our calculator and we’ll guarantee your maximum loan amount

Calculate and find out your max loan in 3 easy steps! We don’t need any personal information in order to give you an estimate.

NO credit application

NO waiting for approval

No down payment

No early payout penalties

Loans issued "on the spot"


1. Calculating your Max Loan Amount Guarantee

Use the max loan calculator to generate your max loan guarantee. This is integral to their process, but no worries it’s super easy to use! All you need is some basic info about your vehicle and you can either:

1. Calculate your max loan right here on their site and they will email you a guarantee code that you can bring here to us at Les Dobos Auto Centre.


2. Come here to Les Dobos Auto Centre, and request that you want to use Max Loan and we will start the process for you.

2. Service Centre Receives Guarantee

We will input the Max Loan guarantee and work to be done along with some necessary info from you. At this point a GPS will be installed.

If you have questions about the GPS please go to the Max Loan FAQ page or contact them at

3. Les Dobos Auto Centre is funded up to your Max Loan Amount

After finalizing everything with the Max Loan they will fund the service and your loan with them will begin. Their goal is to quickly get your vehicle running so you can get back on the road soon as possible.

4. Servicing your Loan

Max Loan will update you and remind you of your loan payments through SMS for your convenience. You will be able to keep track of loan payments, change info, track your vehicle, all through their online portal.

5. Closing Your Loan

After your loan is paid off you can continue to make use of the GPS features for as long as it’s subscription is active.

driver capital loan faq

Based on the value of your vehicle and the work being performed you could be eligible for as much as $10,000.

Loans can be used towards service, accessories, rims and tires for your vehicle. Parts installed on your vehicle along with the applicable labour and taxes are eligible. * some limitations apply.

There are no approvals! Everyone gets a maximum loan amount based on the value of their vehicle. It takes SECONDS using our Max Loan Calculator found on the home page.

No worries, we don’t do a credit check. All max loans are based on the value of your vehicle.

Absolutely! We encourage you to pay off your loan as soon as possible. Using the MyDC Borrower Portal to access your loan enables to make lump sum payments or even move a payment whenever you want.

Our loans are designed to ensure you have a low monthly payment for your peace of mind. Loans under $1,200 have a 12 month term and loans $1,200 or more have a 36 month term.

You can finance the portion it does cover and pay any amount over the limit directly to the service centre.

Yes, you do need to own the vehicle. It is ok if you have the vehicle financed through a third party, but you will need to provide proof of ownership. You will also need to provide proof of active insurance on the vehicle.

Yes. There is no proof of employment required.

Payments are set up for automatic monthly withdrawal from your bank account.

We are here to help. Simply log in to our online portal and it will allow you to delay your upcoming payment by up to 15 days.

Payments will vary depending on the amount borrowed and term of your loan. Our interest rates are comparable to that of a department store or box box store charge card.

es, except “vehicles used for hire” (taxis, buses, rentals, etc.) do not qualify.

Yes. A GPS device will be sold to you and installed on the vehicle. You will be able to perform locates any time you want to use our online portal. The cost of the GPS will be included in your loan and built into your monthly payment.

* We now do not require a GPS to be installed in loans under $1500 !! 

After your loan is complete you can continue to make use of the GPS features for as long as it’s subscription is active. If you get another loan with Driver Capital you can re-use your current device. If you no longer wish to use the GPS, your GPS hardware may qualify for Driver Capital’s Buy Back Program.

Your loan must be paid out if your vehicle is traded in. Prior to trading in your vehicle, ask for a payout statement to provide to the dealership. They may be able to include the payout in the financing of your new vehicle.

*Loans are through Driver Capital