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New Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling & Recharging Machine

Robinair Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling & Recharging Machine

We have added a Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling, and Recharging Machine to the shop.

The ROBINAIR® refrigerant RRR machine for hybrid and non-hybrid vehicles efficiently recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak-tests, and recharges R-134A refrigerant. Automatic features include leak testing, refilling, and oil draining.

At the push of a button, a new Automatic Dye Inject feature gives the user the ability to use the machine to automatically inject UV dye into a vehicle’s A/C system, completely eliminating the need for technicians to use a separate UV injector. The new model can also determine how much lubrication oil needs to be injected back into the A/C system based on how much oil was taken out during recovery, eliminating the need for the user to look at the oil collection bottle to determine how much oil needs to be put back and the chance of error due to misreading the collection bottle.