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Looking After Your Engine In The Hotter Months

Car Engine - Les Dobos Auto Repair Calgary

Hi Calgary,

Now that the hotter months are approaching us again , with the idling of your engine, your engine oil might get over worked. This extra idling time makes it easier to develop oil breakdown and the development of sludges and unwanted deposits throughout your engine.

Oil not only lubricates but also helps the engine cool. With a degraded oil system from sludges and deposits, your engine is working unnecessarily harder to perform as intended. Give it the BG hot oil flush and when it gets refilled, the engine oil will flow where it is supposed to and possibly even where it “hasn’t” for a while!!

With the MOA (motor oil additive) your engine will thank you for it. Likely get better gas mileage too 😊.

Call to book yours in today or send me a message through the appointment booking page on the website.

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