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GF-6 Designed To Protect Modern Engines

New oil specification gives shops a chance to build greater trust with premium clients.
GF-6 Oils

A new oil specification that offers better protection for modern engines bring new opportunities for shops to build trust with conscientious vehicle owners.

GF-6 oils, set to officially debut in May, offer particular benefits to consumers who are determined to preserve the value of their vehicles.

Eight years in the making, ILSAC GF-6 addresses higher operating temperatures, smaller engine sizes, and the increased use of turbocharging, gasoline direct injection, and stop-start technology.

Many of these design changes were driven by new market demands for cleaner burning internal combustion engines. They also brought new components, hardware, and vehicle control systems that require additional protecting in a harsh operating environment.

Lighter viscosity oil was seen as critical to running clean, but it would have to be engineered properly to do so without harming engine durability.

“ILSAC GF-6 oils have been designed to meet the engine needs of North American and Asian vehicle manufacturers who recommend them,” says Amanda Damen, category manager automotive at Petro-Canada
Lubricants. “They are a one-fluid-meetsall requirement for engine oils that cover a range of new engine technologies being implemented in modern vehicles.”

Carmakers were particularly asking for protection against two debilitating conditions: timing chain wear, and lowspeed pre-ignition (LSPI).

By Allan Janssen.

Special thanks to CARS Magazine for the use of their content.

It is important to use the correct engine oil in the newest engines especially if you have a turbo.
The GF-6 0W-16 oil change as well as using a superior filter is available at Les Dobos Auto Centre.