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Engine Repair - Transmission Repair

Engine and Transmission Repair
Transmission Shifter
Automatic Transmission/Transaxle for the engine and transmission section.

The Les Dobos Auto Centre have the equipment and technicians to accurately diagnose and repair engine and transmission related problems.
Our team has decades of experience servicing all kinds of models of cars and dealing with all sorts of engine repairs in Calgary. We provide honest, prompt and top quality service, for very low cost.

Whether it be minor adjustments, or any external engine component replacing, trust us to fix your vehicle with quality parts that meet or exceed Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) specifications.

Bring your vehicle into Les Dobos Auto Centre, and have our expert technicians inspect, diagnose and repair your vehicle’s engine or transmission and recommend the appropriate preventative maintenance.

Most Common Engine Problems

Poor Lubrication

It’s vital that your engine receives enough oil to prevent overheating and engine seizing up. Get your vehicle periodically serviced.

Failing Oil Pump

Failure of an oil pump will starve an engine of necessary lubrication. Use genuine viscosity engine oil.

Oil Deposits and Debris

Older, dirty oil can leave deposits on engine fittings and combustion chambers. Regularly cleaning your oil filters will prevent this.

Inadequate Fuel and Air Compression

Poor compression of both fuel and air inside a car engine is a recipe for disaster. The most common reasons for poor engine combustion is due to broken valve seals, holes within cylinders and overused piston rings, forcing air to leak out.

Leaking Engine Coolant

If engine coolant is continuously low once it’s topped up, there is a fault within the cooling system.

Blocked Engine Radiators

Old engine coolant can fill your engine’s radiators with unwanted sediment and deposits, which can cause overheating.

Prolonged Engine Detonation

Overheating and high pressures can cause engine detonation, which can damage pistons, head gaskets and piston rings.

Damaged Oxygen Sensors

An inaccurate oxygen sensor can lead to inefficiencies with your driving and wasting lots of money.

Aged Spark Plugs

Older spark plugs create a weak ignition, which results in inefficient fuel economy and serious long-term damage to the engine.