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Cooling System Repairs

Coolant Leaks - Cooling System Flush

Cooling System Repairs

Les Dobos has the equipment and technicians to accurately diagnose and repair all vehicle cooling system related problems. Our team has decades of experience of repairing vehicle cooling systems in Calgary. We provide prompt and quality service at a great cost. Our technicians are trained to inspect engine antifreeze/coolant quality and to diagnose any leaks and associated potential problems.

Over time, as the engine antifreeze/coolant degrades due to high operating temperatures, it becomes corrosive, leading to failure of hoses, thermostats, radiators, water pumps and heater cores. Loss of antifreeze/coolant can cause engine overheating, and hence engine failure. Insufficient antifreeze strength can result in freezing ruptures and hard starting problems in the winter.

Whether it is a preventive maintenance replacement of engine antifreeze / coolant, or the replacement of failed cooling system components, we will correctly diagnose and repair your vehicle.

5 Signs That Your Cooling System Needs to Be Repaired

White Steam coming from under the Hood

One of the most direct symptom of cooling system trouble would be white smoke pouring out from under the hood. This is a sure sign of overheating and you need to pull over right away to avoid major engine damage. Before continuing down the road be sure to speak with an auto technician.

Rising Temperature Gauge

Another clear sign of radiator trouble is if the temperature gauge in your dashboard rises into the red-zone. While this likely represents overheating issues it may simply indicate a faulty thermostat.

Low Coolant Levels

HEvery once in awhile it is important to conduct checkups of your vehicle. Part of that check up includes check the coolant level. Be sure to do this when the engine is cold so you don’t burn yourself. If you find that your coolant level is low it generally means you have a leak. The leak could inside or outside of the engine. If the coolant is leaking inside the engine it will be burnt up and result in white smoke billowing from the tailpipe.


When you check the coolant level during your routine self maintenance look around the engine bay. If you notice any odd discoloration or rusty spots under the hood it could mean there is a pinhole leak in the cooling system that is spraying coolant over the hot engine. The coolant will quickly burn off, taking the paint with it and allowing the bare metal to rust.

Coolant Leak

If you notice a sweet smelling, green fluid leaking under your engine where you park your car you can bet on a coolant (aka antifreeze) leak. This needs to be addressed immediately in order to avoid major overheating problems.