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Car and Vehicle Inspections

Car and Vehicle Inspections

Do you need a car inspection? Come to Les Dobos Auto Centre!

We offer different types of inspections such as Pre-Purchase, Out of Province and Insurance inspections.

Bring your car to one of our experts in Calgary to get it inspected and protected.

  • Pre-purchase Inspections


  • Out of Province Inspections


  • Insurance Inspections

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Are you concerned about the quality of the used car you are about ready to purchase?

Our technicians will complete a pre-purchase peace of mind inspection on your used vehicle and provide you with a detailed report and estimate for any necessary repairs.

Out of Province Inspections

Out Of Province Inspections at Les Dobos Auto Centre CalgaryIf you’ve moved to Alberta with your vehicle, you need to do an Out of Province inspection to register it and we can help.

Alberta requires vehicles from outside the province to pass an inspection before issuing licence plates. But, the government may grant an exemption if the vehicle’s history is safe.

The inspection is a safety check done by a certified technician. Your vehicle needs to be in good condition to pass.

Mention “Website Price” to get Special Pricing

Insurance Inspections

Generally, if your car is older than 12 years old your insurance company may ask for an insurance inspection on your vehicle before renewing your insurance or providing it for the first time if you have just purchased a vehicle of this age. We do these too!