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Canada Needs 167,000 New Apprentices In A Hurry!

Canada Needs 167,000 New Apprentices In A Hurry

Over the past 15 years, signs of declining interest in the auto trade have been apparent.
We should be very concerned. We have to find a way to attract today’s youth into the trades.
The visible trend is that most shops will take anyone to fill a bay. The great fear of losing an employee has led to poorly qualified techs and lower quality repairs.
Unfortunately, I don’t see the declining numbers changing any time soon, and what I believe may happen is a drastic rise in labour cost, which will lead to higher door rates. We need to act now. Think of what the future would look like without trades people!
Pat Panagos
Downtown Gas & Auto Centre, Toronto, Ont.

Please help us spread the word to the new generation of male and female young adults.

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