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Brake Repair and Service

Brake Repair and Service

Brake Repair

Everyone depends on their vehicle’s braking system to work, and it’s easy to take for granted. However, it’s essential to have this key safety feature properly maintained. Otherwise, your vehicle will require more distance to come to a stop, which compromises your safety and the safety of others. In addition, the sophisticated computer-controlled anti-lock systems of today’s vehicles require maintenance to ensure proper performance.

Our technicians are trained to inspect, diagnose and repair braking systems of any kind. We can pinpoint the problem, whether it’s something as simple as a brake adjustment or as complex as repairing anti-lock braking systems.

Every brake part we use either meets or exceeds Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. For additional peace of mind, we provide our customers with a 1 Full Year or 20,000 km Warranty on all parts & labor.

5 Signs That You Need Your Brakes Checked

There are several signs that indicate you need to have your brakes checked:

Squealing or grinding noise:

If you hear a high-pitched squealing or grinding noise while applying your brakes, it usually indicates worn-out brake pads.

Vibrations or pulsations:

If your vehicle vibrates or pulsates when you press the brakes, it could be due to warped brake rotors.

Soft or spongy brake pedal:

If the brake pedal feels mushy, soft or spongy, that means there might be an issue with the brake fluid or brake pads.

Warning light:

If you see the brake light on your dashboard, it’s an indication that your brakes need to be repaired.

Longer stopping distance:

If your car takes longer to stop than usual, it’s an indicator of issues in the braking system.

Get Your Brakes Checked