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Batteries and Charging Systems

Car Battery Repair and Replacement | Alternator Problems |
Batteries and Charging Systems

Car Battery Problem?

There is no doubt that Les Dobos Auto Centre has the instrumentation and technicians to accurately diagnose and repair any issue that has to do with the battery or charging system. 

It has been our job to repair, service and replace vehicle batteries and alternators for decades, and our team has decades of experience. We offer prompt and quality service at an excellent price.

Whenever you least expect it, automotive batteries fail.
If you would like to have our technicians check out the battery and charging system of your vehicle, you can bring it to our automotive vehicle center. It doesn’t matter whether it’s corroded battery terminals, failing batteries, loose or worn alternator belts, or faulty alternators; our technicians will be able to accurately diagnose the problem, suggest the appropriate repair solution, and perform the repair as efficiently as possible.

6 Signs That Your Battery Needs Replacing

Slow Engine Crank

The battery creates the power to start your car, and the alternator keeps the battery going by replacing the power used to start the engine and run your vehicle’s electronic accessories. If your battery is weakening, your car may not start.

Issues with Electrical Components

The car battery powers several electrical elements in your vehicle, including the engine, windows, seats, radio, and dashboard lights.

If you notice that your electronic elements aren’t operating like they used to, the battery may be wearing out. Check the battery terminals for dirt and replace the battery if necessary.

Dashboard Warning Light

Most cars have a battery warning light that comes on if the battery isn’t being replenished properly or if there’s an internal problem with the battery.

Swollen Battery Case

When a battery is exposed to excessive heat or cold, it may swell and eventually become electrically “dead” and need replacing.

Old Age

An automobile battery lasts about five years, but it can go much longer depending on extreme temperature exposure, range of deep discharges and whether it goes through full charge cycles.

Weird Smell

When a battery has been frozen, overcharged or shorted internally, its case could vent gas. The acid will eat away at different engine elements, inflicting corrosion.