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Les Dobos - The Man Behind The Company

About Les Dobos, owner of the Les Dobos Monterey Park Auto Centre in Calgary.

Welcome to my website and thanks for your interest in Les Dobos Auto Centre.
I am a licensed automotive technician with over 40 years in this trade so I’ve seen the changes, the up’s and downs in the industry too. I’ll tell you a bit about myself so, let’s get to it.

I was born in Calgary back in 1964 at the old General Hospital. Grew up in Bridgeland until the 6th grade but moved to Haysboro for junior & Sr high. My first experience with cars was working on some with a friend of the family. I seem to just love the feel of steel and the smell of the automotive. So I was hooked early in life. Loved taking things apart and putting them together again.

First automotive job was in a warehouse at the back of the Midas shop but, I thought I knew everything and, by the time I was halfway through the 10th grade I left school behind and that is when my professional career started full time. From there, Midas Muffler in 1978, here’s me with Lee Van Cleef during the fast but loose commercials.

About Les Dobos

As well as a young pipe bender and muffler man, management came early in my career. After 8 great years, I thought I would try other automotive companies to expand my knowledge and career. More chain stores and managing. Should I buy my own place? Nope, not yet, having too much fun with life. Of course as many young men, family came into the picture but the automotive experience didn’t change. Different employers and more management. This was my destiny in life and most of the time that was okay with me. To help people and solve the concerns of my customers.

After an illness that basically sidelined me from the shop, through the wonderful support of my darling wife Wendy and some other family members I was able to rebound. Fearful but very determined to succeed in life, I basically forced myself back into the workforce way to early after treatment. Got back to it part time and 1 extra day every couple of months until I was full time again.

I initially spoke to Mike Johal the owner of the Minit Tune and Brake franchise in Mid 2016. A great conversation about my skills but it went nowhere at the time. A second time I visited Mike at the location trying to get a service advisor position but he was looking for a mechanic, something that I could not fulfill.

That was about 18 months ago or so. So we went our separate ways again. However, as fate would have it, in June of 2019, Wendy and I were travelling to Saskatchewan for a weekend getaway, I got a call, it was Mike asking me if I could come speak to him in regards to managing his Monterey Park Minit Tune! WOW I thought. Started July 2,2019.

A couple of months after employment, he said he was wanting to sell the business. Well I thought I was out of a job because of it but he casually mentioned, “maybe YOU should buy this place” to which I responded, “maybe I will”!

Well, with the universe on my side, it brought people into my life to make this business a reality ,the rest is history. I couldn’t be happier with my situation in life. Great home life, an awesome crew and amazing customers welcoming me into their lives to provide to them what I was meant to do, help as many people as I can with a smile.

Enjoy the website and if you have any questions or comments, please give me a call at Les Dobos Auto Centre.
Thank you.

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