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Calgary Auto Repair Services

Vehicle Diagnostics.   Brakes Repair & Service.   Steering & Suspension.   Wheel Alignment.   Tire Repair & New Tires.   Pre-Purchase and Insurance Inspections.   Out of Province Inspections.   Oil Changes.   Exhaust Repair.   Cooling Systems.   Heating & Air Conditioning.   Batteries.    Engines & Transmissions.   Carburetors.   Radiators.   Clutches.

"Your ride, DRIVES US"


1202-2220 68 ST. N.E.
Calgary, T1Y 6YT

Our Hours

MON-FRI:  8 AM – 5 PM

Our staff DO NOT work on any type of commission basis. Financing Available.

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Phone : 403 – 293 – 2711

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Les Dobos Auto Centre CalgaryHello everyone,

Here’s a bit of info for you in case you’re unsure about anything coming to see us. When you turn off of 68th Street from either direction you will be facing my shop. To your right is the Dollarama, across from my shop is a Macdonald’s. A nice unique sign will be above our customer’s entrance. There are 2 spots to the right of entrance and a host of others as well.

Please don’t be nervous, we’re here to help you. I’ll greet you as quickly as I can and ask you to describe the concern(s) and I will do my best to provide an answer at the counter level and hopefully ease any tension if it even exists at all.

From there, inform you of procedures and associated costs with the relevant services requested. Collect your information and when we have info, I contact you via phone or email with results and costs. If possible, share your email with us as a picture is worth a thousand words to understand what we’re explaining.

Ask questions if you’re unsure & we’ll explain it to you as plainly as we can. We’ll discuss options if any, you approve the repair or service & the process towards completion on your investment is on the go & completed (unless circumstances prevent it.)
We also discuss whether you would like to be called when ready or prearrange the pickup time.  You exchange compensation for our services, I hand you the key with a smile and thank you for your business today. From there you are happily on your way enjoying your ride home. I hope this helps you out.
Thank you, 
Les.   (Les Dobos Automotives Ltd).

Our Services

At Les Dobos Auto Centre, we provide top-notch auto repair services in Monterey Park and surrounding areas. Our expert technicians handle all auto repairs, maintenance, and tire-related services quickly and efficiently. Our location is convenient for drop-offs. We offer transparent pricing and the best deals. Choose us for all your auto needs and experience the difference!

Les Dobos Auto Centre NE Calgary Batteries Car Repair

Batteries & Charging Systems

Car battery problems such as faulty connections, corrosion, disuse or alternator issues.

Brake Service and Repair

Brake Repair Service

Does your vehicle pull to one side, steering wheel shake or you have a soft pedal? We can help.

Cooling System Repairs

Cooling System Repairs

Maintaining or replacing cooling system parts that cause overheating or overcooling.

Engine and Transmission Repair

Engine & Transmission Repair

Repairs for such problems as fluid leaks, blocked engines, failed pumps and knocking sounds.

Les Dobos Exhaust Repair NE Calgary

Exhaust Repair

Exhaust and Muffler repairs, fixing leaks, noise and vibration from rusty and broken exhaust pipes.

Heating and AC Repairs

Heating & AC Repairs

Does your air conditioner smell, blow cold during winter, warm during summer? We can fix it.

Oil Change - Les Dobos Auto Centre Calgary

Oil Change

An oil change at regular intervals is an important part of vehicle maintenance.

Steering and Suspension - Les Dobos Auto Centre Calgary

Steering & Suspension

Worn steering and suspension components can compromise the safety of a vehicle.

Tires/Wheels Sales & Service

Tires Wheels Sales & Service

Tire replacement or repair due to such problems as worn, bald or flat tires.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostic Systems

Diagnostic tests show issues with engine, transmission, exhaust, brakes, and more.

Les Dobos Car Inspections NE Calgary

Vehicle Inspections

We provide a full range of inspections services. Insurance, Pre-Purchase and Out of Province.

Steering, Suspension and Wheel Allignment

Wheel Alignment

A vehicle that is out of alignment can cause tire, suspension and steering component wear.

Vehicle Maintenance Financing Options

We offer two different vehicle maintenance “No Credit Check Financing” options through both the autologiQ and Driver Capital companies.

The AutologiQ option is great for older vehicles that are in need of maintenance.

 Information from both companies is available to help you decide which one is best for you.

Autologiq at Les Dobos Auto Centre

Use the vehicle’s value to pay for maintenance and repair costs

Driver Capital
Driver Capital

Up to $10,000 On the Spot for Service, accessories, rims and tires

Latest Offers


Our team at the Les Dobos Auto Centre will repair and/or service your vehicle in a timely manner. We provide quality service at an affordable price


We conduct a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and ensure you have a clear understanding of the necessary repairs. You will receive a detailed explanation of the repair estimate to ensure complete transparency regarding the work to be done.


Our team takes a diagnostic approach with our clients. We will diagnose any issues with your vehicle and detail any work that needs to be completed to get you back on the road.

Customer Satisfaction

We will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your repairs and/or servicing. We take pride in our customer service and provide a 1 Full Year or 20,000 km Warranty on all parts & labour.

Website Special

Maintenance Packages
From $ 99
  • Available With & Without Oil Change
  • Free Windshield Washer Fluid Top Up (2 Litres Max)
  • Safety Inspection (Lights, Battery, Wiper Blades etc.)
  • Under Hood Multi-Point Inspection
  • Brake Inspection
  • Under Carriage Multi-Point Inspection
  • Tire Rotation (no charge on seasonal tire swap, if mounted)
  • Parts and labor prices will be used on oil change services rather than package prices. 4,6 and 8 cylinder prices are now "from" due to the massive increases in the cost of goods.

Plus shop supplies, Enviro fees & taxes. Most Cars, Mini vans, Suv’s and light Trucks up to ½ ton.

Customer Satisfaction

Hi everyone. 
So, I have been a service provider in the auto industry for over 40 years and have learned a great deal of positive customer satisfaction criteria per say. Obviously, the industry has also changed.
I am a very open-minded business owner who needs honest public opinions on what customers are looking for in today’s automotive service industry.

Please don’t be shy about your input. I will be happy to receive ALL your comments and recommendations.
Please send me a message at  so I may address you personally with any of my comments. Thank you for your time and input.
Les.   (Les Dobos Automotives Ltd)

We are very happy with the service we have received. Highly recommend them for service

Belinda Temple

Les is awesome I will be using this place again in the future

Jon Boucher

Beyond happy with the amazing customer service and auto services done on my vehicle.

Ann Saltaren

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